Scammers are again deceiving pensioners. How to protect yourself, told in the “Image Club”

Аферисты снова обманывают пенсионеров. Как уберечь себя, рассказали в "Имидж Клуб"

Is not the first Ukrainian pensioners buy goods through catalogues. But, unfortunately, they still have not learned to circumvent the speculators by.

We talked to the experts of “Image Club” and find out how you can protect yourself and your family from the antics of fraudsters.

The company “Image Club” works on the Ukrainian market of distance trade is not the first year. During this period they have gained the trust of many Ukrainian pensioners, but according to experts in recent years have increasingly began to receive complaints from customers who once decided to order goods from other companies and got on scams. From these fraudsters suffer the trust of Ukrainians to the whole area of catalog sales as a whole. “We are trying to deal with this and talk today about how you can protect your money from unscrupulous liar” – say in the company.

One of the reasons for the growth of fraud in this field are the marketing promotions and sweepstakes that suit the company in order to attract new customers and increase engagement of existing ones. The amount you can win big if you choose a fair organizer. And as you know, where the big money – and crooks out there.

How to recognize a crook?

  • The company, which works for many years and value their reputation, will never cheat their customers by sending empty parcels or boxes with unknown content.
  • An honest company will not require full payment of the order before it gets into the hands of the buyer. So never send money for goods you have not seen.
  • If you decide to become a member of the lottery, it is mandatory to read the rules of participation and the determination of the winner, and all-all, until the last line, because there is often hidden the most important information.
  • If you become a winner in stocks, then you have no need to demand to pay for the prize taxes before you prepare all required documents and does not become its rightful owner.

In the “Image Club” argue that if you’re careful and the most scrupulous when choosing a company decide to entrust their money, it just will not fall for scams.