Scandal Gerashchenko: In the Parliament blocked the rostrum

Скандал с Геращенко: В Раде заблокировали трибуну

Poroshenko and his faction blocked the rostrum because of the decision of the Committee on Gerashchenko

Representatives of the European solidarity blocked the rostrum in the session hall of the Parliament because of the decision of the Committee on Gerashchenko.

In response to the decision of profile Committee of the Parliament, who on 12 September recommended times to remove people’s Deputy Irina Gerashchenko for unethical statements, the representatives of the European solidarity blocked the rostrum in the session hall of the Parliament. It is reported by the Country.

Behind the podium stood the people’s Deputy Nikolay knyazhitsky, with him came the representatives of European solidarity in the Parliament: Petro Poroshenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Iryna Gerashchenko, Irina Lutsenko and others.

Irina Gerashchenko, in turn, reacted on the recommendation of the Committee of Parliament to remove her from the five plenary sessions. She spoke at a briefing in Parliament, reports

Gerashchenko called himself “the first victim of anti-democratic decisions.”

“I am an example of the first precedent, when the MP, who represents millions of voters, are trying to deprive the rights of voting and speech. Obviously, this is not only a violation of my rights as an MP and the Constitution of Ukraine. This is a violation of the rights of a million voters. I understand that maybe someone doesn’t like a different opinion. But the right of power and their responsibility to respect the rights of minorities,” – said the Deputy.

Remembering his speech, which the Servant of the people discontent arose, Gerashchenko called it emotional. “… (I) brought images of Joyce. But the orchestra took their according to Freud. It happens”, she added.

We will remind, at a meeting on 10 September between Gerashchenko and speaker of Parliament Vladimir Razumkov there was a skirmish due to the fact that she called deputies from the Servants of the people “little green men”.


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