Scandal in Smoothly: officials the flight was saved from angry fans

Скандал в Ровно: cудейская бригада бегством спаслась от злых болельщиков

Fans Of The Veres

Fans Veres almost suited mob killings over the referee after the match of the championship of Ukraine in the second League.

The Central match of the 21st round of the second League of the championship of Ukraine, where Veres Rivne took ear (2:3), ended with a scandal.

After the match, the fans were dissatisfied with the work of an arbitrator who has appointed two penalties in gate of the Veres. In the end, immediately after the final whistle the fans of the hosts tried to break through to podtribunnogo premises, to arrange the massacre of arbitrators. Law enforcement even had to use pepper spray to calm a aggressive viewers.

“We live in Ukraine, began the second round where football is relegated to another plan. Appear refereeing and other undercurrents. Zozulya breaking the nose and not even a yellow card, although there is pure red. Then we have the defender made a mistake, but it is… Although, playing at home, we got two penalties, and this despite the fact that all the fouls our way. See, we want to see. Believe me, this is just the beginning,” – said at the postgame press conference, the coach Veres Mr Maziar.

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