Scandal Siemens: business Germany found the “easy way out”

Скандал Siemens: бизнес ФРГ нашел "простой выход"

Europe has already prepared sanctions against Russia because of the turbines from Siemens in the Crimea

German companies do not understand, why Russia refuses to return the turbine.

Managing Director of the Eastern Committee of German economy Michael harms said that the business Association opposes the departure of Siemens from the market in Russia because of the situation with the turbines in the Crimea, reports RIA Novosti.

Harms sees a way out of the situation that Russia agreed to the previously proposed buyback of Siemens turbines.

“There is still the offer by Siemens to buy the turbine back, and I don’t quite understand why the Russian side has refused such a simple, beneficial to all parties,” says harms.

Offer to cancel the contract and buy back turbine Siemens has proposed to the Russian side at the very beginning of the scandal with the Crimean turbines.

In response, the Russian side stated that the turbines for the power facilities in the Crimea were purchased on the secondary market and modernized.

Recently the media reported that the European Union agreed on sanctions against Russia because of the supply of gas turbines for Siemens in the annexed Crimea.

Siemens played a surprise. Media about the turbines in the Crimea