Schemes in the defense industry: the head of the NEB responded to the accusations

Схемы в оборонке: глава НАБУ ответил на обвинения

Sytnik said that we must not forget the other participants in the scandal, focusing on NABOO

Involved in corruption schemes in the defense industry Bureau staff otsenyat from the service. An internal investigation is initiated.

The head of the National anti-corruption Bureau Sytnyk allowed the removal from office of those officers of the Bureau whose names sounded in journalistic investigation of corruption in the defense sector. He said this at a meeting of the investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada on Wednesday, March 13.

“It all started with the fact that supposedly someone gives some information about the fictitious or abstract companies. Actually it is not so. The meaning of these letters indicate that no references does not issue”, – he explained.

Director of NABS, said: “Based on the number of statements that sound, really makes sense to consider the question of suspension during the investigation of the individual employees whose names were mentioned in the investigation.”

Sytnik added that the state Bureau of investigation who is conducting an investigation, can fully assess what has happened. “We never took responsibility… But it is not necessary to turn today’s meeting solely of the subject in question, only the anti-corruption Bureau”, – he stressed.

Also Sytnik said, collectie actually begins with zero. According to him, it is necessary to perform “the material that was on TV.”

During the meeting, the FAC, the head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky said that from the case, open the NAB in 2016, has disappeared dozens of pages.

We will remind, according to the final part of the investigation of the journalists about corruption in the defense industry knew the tax administration, the military Prosecutor’s office, the NAB, the Prosecutor General and the SBU. The last two agencies deny the charges.

In particular, the investigation featured the Deputy head of the NABOO Gizo Uglava, who allegedly signed the documents, excluding the firm-laying Optionspecial-listing dummy.


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