School in Uzhgorod there was an emission of gas, suffered 11 children

В школе Ужгорода произошел выброс газа, пострадали 11 детей

All the extra children brought out of school

On the scene called the rescue service, police and medics.

In Uzhgorod from school No. 9 was urgently evacuated children because of the emission of gas. Eleven students from-for poisonings by ambulance.

It is reported Мукачево.net citing local police.

According to militiamen, the cause of the incident was a release of gas from the boiler, which is located in the basement of the school.

Worked on the site of the rescue service, police and medics.

Now in the hospital for 11 children who complain of sore throat, dizziness, nausea, darkening of the eyes. Have three children the symptoms are more pronounced than others, they are in intensive care, the rest in regular wards.

Children’s life is not in danger, say doctors.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously on the territory of Kiev vocational school of construction and utilities of the shooting occurred, injuring one student. Witnesses to the incident claim that the student was wounded by an unknown man.