School of the future, or how to create the most progressive modern education for children in an ordinary residential area of Kiev

Школа будущего, или как создать самый прогрессивный комплекс современного образования для детей в обычном спальном районе Киева

Approaching the beginning of the new academic year, which will be extremely interesting in connection with the reform in education.

The parent community is closely following the development of the new Ukrainian schools, analyzes and selects schools for their children.

And in one of the city districts is a new educational institution that can compete with the best European schools – Gymnasium A +. In addition to the Grand architectural design, the building of a gymnasium is a high-tech, energy-efficient, completely Autonomous from the heating systems of the city.

The success story of A + schools began six years ago, in 2012, became a success story inspirational women who wanted to create for children is not only a kindergarten and school, and new educational philosophy of success, talent development, sports achievements in an environment of respect for the psychology of childhood. The founder of this educational complex was Ivanna Nikonova, the mother of ten children, and led the school Tatyana Kurmaz, teacher and trainer with twenty years of experience in education. Working many years with kids, developing musical, sports, intellectual abilities, constantly arose the idea of creating a full educational cycle. And here September 1, 2018года opens its doors to the Gymnasium A +.

In the new, ever-growing LCD “Comfort town”, is an innovative building for secondary education for the 600 pupils of 5-11 (12) classes. The authors of the project put a lot of effort to make it something to be proud of – architectural, design, engineering. The construction is unparalleled, working on heat pumps that use earth energy and put it to the needs of the school. German multifunctional glass that regulates warm air in the classrooms, solar panels, modern ventilation system, “smart” lighting, three-level water purification system – it’s not all technical characteristics of the building. To meet the needs of the educational process ideologists of the project was attention to detail all parts of the school. Here and several large sports and choreographic halls, publitek with comfortable modern space and acts as an educational hub, theatre and concert hall with the latest music equipment, lecture hall-transformer, classes Science, computer science and robotics, and modern laboratory. But any school is, first and foremost, not the walls, not the cabinets, this team of teachers who is willing to provide high-quality process of acquiring knowledge, abilities, skills and who understands that the new school should prepare our children for life, to change, to realize himself in a world that is changing rapidly.

Школа будущего, или как создать самый прогрессивный комплекс современного образования для детей в обычном спальном районе Киева

The founder of cultural-educational complex “Academy of modern education A+” Ivanna Nikonova, Director of the educational network “A+” Tatyana Kurmaz.

Separately want to say about the author’s educational system gymnasium on the program “BeBest” and the educational concept, which combines of Ukrainian standards and the experience of the European partner schools. Gymnasium A + operates in full day school and has a lot of additional research for the development of skills, talents, and skills of effective leadership. Here is created the “Academy of professional growth”, which has already prepared a team of Tutors who are in constant contact with children, together with them, analyze personal successes and failures in the learning process, help to create a new goal, to adjust the individual learning plan, perform the function of intermediary between the child, teachers and parents.

Here think you can’t break the chain “education-education-sport-work” and do everything to ensure that every child was healthy, successful, talented.

“Learn. Create. Collaborate” is the motto of this unusual educational institution and it adds confidence that the Ukrainian education will reach new levels a lot more in the country caring people, understanding the vital importance of investment in the younger generation.