Schuster believes that Ukraine is close to Putin’s Russia

Шустер считает, что Украина приближается к путинской России

TV presenter Savik Shuster declared that Ukraine is getting closer to Putin’s Russia. He stated this at a press conference on the occasion of the revocation of his right to work in Ukraine.

“Why I work in Ukraine? Ukraine is very important country for Europe’s future. The EU is now coming apart, the idea was great… I as a citizen of Europe were heard from the rostrum of the Maidan that their only purpose in life is to give Ukraine a European value… This does not happen, Ukraine is approaching to Putin’s Russia… I live like in the Soviet Union don’t want. And most importantly – will not. Any form of protest, which will be situationally correct, I will accept… I refuse to live in a world of kleptocracy and fraud,” he said.

“Poroshenko will become a dictator if society will allow… Or not allow”, – he noted.

Recall, Schuster went on hunger strike until he returns to work in Ukraine.

Note that the grounds for revocation of work permit in Ukraine Savik Shuster was providing false data. He allegedly concealed that against him is under investigation.

Earlier it became known that the journalist Savik Shuster revoked the work permit in Ukraine. Savik Shuster works in Ukraine since 2005. Led public-political talk show “Freedom of speech”, “Freedom of Savik Shuster”, “Shuster LIVE” on various Ukrainian TV channels.

Leads now political talk show “Shuster live” on TV 3S tv. He is the CEO of the production company “Savik Shuster Studio”.

January 15, Schuster reported that concerning it the criminal proceedings for alleged tax evasion.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine has denied this information and said that we are talking about faktovye criminal proceedings, which commenced on the results of tax inspection of OOO “Savik Shuster Studio”.