Schuster was not allowed to work in Ukraine: All the details

Шустеру запретили работать в Украине: Все подробности

Journalist Savik Shuster, a citizen of Canada and Italy, today revoked the work permit in Ukraine. We have collected all the details of the resonant solution, which has already managed to upset the defenders of freedom of speech.


In early 2016 the journalist Savik Shuster on the air of “Shuster Live” stated that concerning it the criminal proceedings for alleged tax evasion and he was invited for questioning. “Us accuses of infringements for the sum more than 13 million hryvnias of a tax inspection”, – said the presenter.

Subsequently, the HCP explained that the case was opened not against master, but in fact tax evasion, and the Schuster called as a witness.

April 25 evening, several media reported that the Kyiv city employment center cancelled Savik Shuster a work permit in Ukraine. In the legal Department of the TV channel could neither confirm nor deny this information. Business partner Schuster Pavel Elizarov in Facebook called the news “duck” and urged journalists not to replicate it.

But the next day the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko confirmed that Schuster really has revoked the work permit in Ukraine.

“Schuester difficult than expected: first, he was given a work permit and then… changed his mind. Two events with a difference in two weeks. The insight to the officers of the migration service came after a phone call. It’s called telephone law as it is, is unacceptable, no matter to whom it is applied”, – wrote the MP.

The problem with documents

TV presenter accompanied by journalists and members went for clarification to the Kyiv city employment center.

The chief of Department of registration of permissions to use of foreign labour, Dmitry Shulga said that Schuster first extended the resolution, but after 2 weeks cancelled. The corresponding order was received from the management of the employment Service.

In order to get to the truth, and lead his supporters went to the employment service. They explained that she sent down the line, the vertical is not an order but a recommendation.

In accordance with the decision of the Cabinet, if the foreigner is serving a sentence for a crime or against him is under investigation, he can refuse to renew work permits. Schuster initially filed the documents with the help of the interior Ministry, stating he had no criminal record and his not being investigated. The TV presenter issued a permit, but after that, April 22, in the employment service received a letter from GFS that against Schuster made criminal proceedings in connection with tax evasion.

Officials found that Schuster had concealed the fact of the investigation, filing documents, and therefore extended his permit revoked. And to give again it will be impossible, because the investigation is still underway.

The mistake of the officials?

The MPs were advised to suspend the controversial decision because officials did not understand the procedural status of Schuster. The attorneys of Shuster noted that the facilitator had not declared about suspicion, and in the case of tax evasion it passes as the witness.

After long discussions, the parties finally came to an agreement that Schuster would write a letter to the leadership of the Civil service employment with the request to suspend the order revoking his permit to work in Ukraine until clarification of all circumstances.

Also in the Kyiv employment center complained that the whole entourage of TV host has blocked the agencies from 15:00 and prevented officials from accepting nationals.

“Let’s work without permission”

Acting head of the employment Service Sergey Kravchenko during the 10 days promised to consider the statement and then respond to the norms of current legislation. However, the MP Serhiy Vlasenko noted that the application of the Schuster should be considered within 3 days.

“Kravchenko only the contractor, and the customer is clearly superior. For me it’s a mob action,” commented Shuster.

Recalling his work in Russia, the TV presenter noted that he passed something similar, only there it has been deprived residence permit. Schuster is also accused Ukrainian authorities in intolerance to criticism and said that I’m not going to leave.

“What should I do? Will work without a work permit”, he said, while allowing that it may lose the residence permit.