Scientist claims to have deciphered the Voynich manuscript

Ученый утверждает, что расшифровал манускрипт Войнича

Decoded the mysterious Voynich manuscript

The mysterious Scripture over hundreds of years remained a mystery to cryptanalysts. The accuracy of the transcripts is not yet proven.

A specialist from the University of Bristol Gerard Cheshire claims that managed to decipher the mysterious Voynich manuscript. Reported Romance Studies.

According to the scientist, he worked on the texts for two weeks. Earlier manuscript “did not respond” linguists and cryptanalysts over a hundred years.

Cheshire claims that the manuscript is written in a lost until today proformances language. Its alphabet is a combination of familiar and unknown characters. In language there is no punctuation, they are only partially transmitted character letter options.

It is also reported that the manuscript is made up of the Dominican nuns as the source of reference information for Maria of Castile, Queen of Aragon.

The Voynich manuscript is an illustrated Codex, probably written in the first half of the XV century by an unknown author. It was named after the Polish dealer Wilfried Voynich who purchased the manuscript in 1912.

Earlier it was reported that in the Palace of the Emperor Nero discovered a secret room. The Correspondent also wrote that scientists have learned the composition of water contained in man.

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