Scientist Kozlowski was invited to work at the Institute NASU

Ученого Козловского пригласили на работу в институт НАНУ

Igor Kozlovsky during the meeting the released hostages

Released from captivity by the historian and theologian expect at the Academy from 1 February.

The Department of religious studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has established a position for Igor Kozlovsky. This was stated during a press conference Lyudmila Filipovich, head of the Department of the history of religion and practical religious studies Department of religious studies of Institute of philosophy of NAS of Ukraine, reports UKRINFORM.

As noted, in a new place Kozlovsky expect from the 1st of February.

“Released from captivity, our colleague – candidate of historical Sciences Igor Kozlovsky. From 1 February he is a senior research fellow of our Department. A lot of people and organizations have made efforts in order to release this famous scientist. And we’re pleased to work with him,” said Filipovic.

She noted that the consent of the Kozlowski has not yet received.

“As soon as we learned that Igor Anatolievich 27 Dec free 28th our head Anatoly Kolodny (Deputy Director of the Institute of philosophy of NASU, head of Department of religious studies – ed.) wrote a submission to the President of NASU Boris Paton with a request to enter in our staffing senior research fellow and enroll Kozlowski for this position. We didn’t even ask for his consent. Paton gave consent”, – said the scientist.

At the same time, she expressed hope that the Kozlowski consent. And reminded that yesterday, January 9, in the television broadcast he spoke about the proposal, and said that perhaps it will agree.

About housing for the academic Filipovic noted that, unfortunately, gone are the days when we their heroes could provide both jobs and housing, besides now this plan a crisis situation.

“Kozlovsky lives in Kiev, rents an apartment, where he lives with his eldest son and wife. Wherever possible we will promote this issue. Although Igor A. large-scale figure, and I think it will solve this issue”, – said Filipovic.

As reported, on December 27 was a large-scale exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and the separatists. Among the hostages was transferred to Ukraine scientist Igor Kozlovsky, who almost two years in captivity in DND.