Scientists announced the terms of the male orgasm

Ученые озвучили условия мужского оргазма

Scientists have described the conditions under which men get more pleasure from sex

This is due to not only the attractiveness of the partner but the nature of the relationship.

A group of scientists from Queen’s University in Canada was established, in which case sexual arousal and satisfaction in males stronger. It turned out that the greatest effect possible with random links, as well as in emotional intimacy with partner, reports Archives of Sexual Behavior.

The study, experts have drawn 26 men aged from 18 to 40 years. All volunteers were evaluated on a scale of Quincy, which is used to measure a person’s sexual orientation.

With its help, scientists have calculated the sexual preferences of the participants and their fantasies, and behaviors.

All men completed the survey, which answered which of the three cases – sexual intercourse with a female friend, a stranger or a regular partner – they will experience the most severe agitation.

It turned out that during sexual intercourse with other men experienced the least sexual excitement. At the same time, in the latter two cases, the pleasure was stronger.

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