Scientists call the amount of water in the underground ocean

Ученые назвали количество воды в подземном океане

According to experts, in the underground layer is the same water as in the oceans.

An international team of geologists has established the amount of water, which is a giant underground ocean of our planet. According to experts, beneath the surface of the Earth is the same water as in the oceans, reports New Scientist.

The full text of the study of geologists was published in the scientific journal Science Advances.

The publication notes that at a depth of 410 to 660 kilometers beneath the earth’s surface, in the layer that separates the upper and lower mantle contains about the same amount of water as in the oceans.

In their statements, scientists rely on calculations based on simulating the conditions in which are minerals, in particular ringwoodite in the mantle of the planet.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that Japanese scientists plan to drill to the Earth mantle.