Scientists called dangerous foods during pregnancy

Ученые назвали опасные продукты во время беременности

Biologists suggest pregnant women avoid products with lots of linoleic acid, especially if they are expecting a boy.

The doctors came to the conclusion that potato chips, mayonnaise, vegetable oil and other foods containing large amounts of linoleic acid and other unsaturated fat, is extremely dangerous for pregnant women. This is stated in an article published in the Journal of Physiology.

As stressed by Diann Skelly from Griffith University in Australia, pregnant women are extremely important to monitor their diet, as “excessive consumption of certain types of nutrients can negatively affect the health and life of the growing fetus”.

Recently, researchers were interested in how diet, bad habits and other characteristics of lifestyle can affect the health of the pregnant woman and her unborn child.

So, experiments on mice and monitoring of future mothers showed that fish oil significantly reduces the likelihood of miscarriage, and Smoking nearly doubles those odds.

Skelly and her colleagues have discovered a new threat to the health of pregnant women and embryos, watching as the so-called omega-6 fats, the unsaturated fatty acids contained in vegetable oils and mayonnaise, affect the health of pregnant rats.

Australian biologists have put half the rats on a diet which contained about five times more linoleic acid than in the normal diet for rodents. This, as the researchers note, partly mimics the proportions of fat, characteristic of modern Western diets.

Then they waited for the fertilization began to follow the development of the fetus and changes in the health status of females.

The researchers found that the incidence of inflammation in the organism of animals has increased, despite the fact that rats have not gained excess weight and do not suffer from diabetes or other metabolic diseases.

Similarly, scientists have not detected any differences in the fruit weight and the rate of development of organs of the rats.

In the body of their mother increased the concentration of hormone that can cause miscarriage, and the share of growth hormones in the tissues of the embryo, by contrast, fell.

Podcherkivaetsya that the transition to the analog of the “Western” diet is very strange impact on the sex ratio in the offspring of rats. The proportion of “male” embryos for yet unknown reasons has decreased on 16%, whereas the number of future females hasn’t changed.

As scientists assume, due to the fact that the cells of males are much less able to resist the action of cellular stress and die faster in difficulty than female embryos.

Considering such risks and other negative properties of unsaturated fatty acids, the scientists suggest all pregnant women, especially those who are waiting for the appearance of the son, avoid foods with lots of omega-6 fats.

Night shifts increase the risk of miscarriage – the scientists

Earlier it was reported that continuous sleep more than nine hours is dangerous for a pregnant woman and may result in the loss of a child or premature delivery.

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