Scientists captured the most ancient stars in the Universe

Ученые запечатлели самые древние звезды во Вселенной

Removed the oldest known star clusters

The star cluster is 21.5 thousand light-years from Earth. The age of the star is about 12.8 billion years.

A group of scientists determined the age of the oldest star clusters in the milky Way. It is 1 HP, and there was about 12.8 billion years ago. About it writes Science Alert.

Thus, the cluster is one of the oldest ever found by man in the Universe.

In the study, researchers used the Gemini South telescope in Chile. Thanks to new technologies, they were able to remove atmospheric distortions in real time and conducted surveillance mode, the highest available resolution.

“It’s a star cluster looks like an ancient fossil buried deep in the bowels of our Galaxy. But we were able to return to those days when the universe was very young, and determine its age,” said the scientists.

The cluster is located at a distance of 21.5 thousand light-years from Earth. Following the observations, the scientists found that in the cluster are very few heavy elements, which indicates its formation in the very early period of development of the Universe – about 12.8 billion years ago.

Scientists have also published a picture, which depicted an ancient cluster of stars.

Earlier it was reported that scientists were able to observe an extremely rare phenomenon – the birth of double stars.

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