Scientists: daytime Sleepiness can be associated with dangerous disease

Ученые: Сонливость днем может быть связана с опасным заболеванием

Daytime sleepiness may indicate disease

In the study, nearly 200 experts have found that people with early stage Alzheimer’s disease sleep worse at night and often feel sleepy during the day.

Doctors from the University of Washington in the USA have come to the conclusion that people who are experiencing daytime sleepiness were more prone to Alzheimer’s disease, according to MedPage today.

It is noted that the scientists studied 189 people, whose average age was 66 years.

With fitness trackers by tracking the biological activity of volunteers in the past two weeks. In addition, for the detection of beta-amyloid (peptides that cause Alzheimer’s disease) using magnetic resonance imaging, pictures were taken of their brain.

“Our new research shows that people with early stage Alzheimer’s disease show greater fragmentation in the cycles of biological processes. They often are active at night and sleep or behave passively,” − said one of the study’s authors Dr. yo El Yu.

The scientists said, what is the consequence of daytime sleep

Previously, scientists have found that lack of sleep is as bad for the brain as alcohol.