Scientists dispelled the myth about the benefits of wine

Ученые развеяли миф о пользе вина

to dispel the myth about the benefits of wine

Experts say that the positive effect of wine on the body is much less, than negative.

Researchers from the American University of Washington in St. Louis dispelled the myth about the usefulness of wine. It is reported by MedicalXpress.

After analyzing data from several studies of the effect of wine on the body, the researchers concluded that consuming one to two standard servings of alcohol more than three times a week increases the risk of premature death by 20 percent.

In research took part about 400 thousand people aged 18-85 years.

Small amounts of wine reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but increases the possibility of cancer. Although the increase in mortality was recorded in people older than 75 years, the risk of development of malignant tumors in people 25 years of age has also increased.

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