Scientists explain why birds have no teeth

Ученые объяснили, почему у птиц нет зубов

The evolutionary failure of birds from feathered teeth gave a very tangible advantage, if you look at the features of their embryonic development.

The absence of teeth in birds could be a side effect of reducing the incubation period of the eggs. To such conclusion scientists from University of Bonn in Germany, reports Biology Letters.

Previous studies have suggested that the disappearance of teeth in the process of evolution from dinosaurs could give the benefits of birds in flight. However, this theory does not explain why the teeth are gone and flightless dinosaurs.

Having analysed the incubation periods of dinosaurs and birds, scientists have noticed that dinosaurs were hatched from eggs a few months later, while birds that’s enough for a few weeks.

The process of tooth formation took more than half of the incubation period, the scientists explain. The reduction due to the disappearance of the teeth allowed us to increase the chances of species survival.

However, the researchers note that their assumption does not explain why, for example, in turtles, the incubation period is still quite long.

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