Scientists explained the presence of liquid water on Mars

Ученые объяснили наличие жидкой воды на Марсе

It is known that water on the red planet’s surface existed in ancient times.

A group of geophysicists from Canada and the United States explained the existence in antiquity of liquid water on the surface of Mars, reports Nature Geoscience. According to experts, it requires a warm and dense envelope of gas, which provides emissions from the lithosphere into the hydrosphere methane.

According to scientists, the warming periods were associated with the receipt of a greenhouse gas and lasted for about a million years.

Found a hidden reservoir on Mars

Cause the release of methane from the lithosphere of the planet, scientists believe variations in the angle of the axis of own rotation of Mars relative to the plane of its solar orbit.

This is the conclusion of Geophysics could come after computer simulation.

It is reported that Mars has a warm climate was about three billion years ago.

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