Scientists first removed the programmed cell death

Ученые впервые сняли программируемую смерть клетки

Scientists took video of cell death

Experts were able to capture the moment of death the body’s cells using fluorescence microscopy.

Scientists from Stanford University, the first to take video of programmed cell death called apoptosis. This publication reports Science Alert.

The footage shows how the wave of apoptosis in the cell. Its speed was constant and about 30 micrometers per minute.

Programmed cell death is triggered by the body in various ways to remove damaged or unwanted cells.

We have measured the speed of death and it’s 2 millimetres an hour

— New Scientist (@newscientist) August 13, 2018

The first to shoot apoptosis in the video, scientists found during a study of the egg is smooth clawed frogs. For this, the researchers placed a cell in a tube with chemicals and paint, to visualize the process.

Before scientists found a way to predict death

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