Scientists found a galaxy of dark matter

Ученые нашли галактику из темной материи

Astronomers found that the galaxy consists of dark matter by 99.99 percent.

An international group of scientists have discovered a galaxy Dragonfly 44, which is comprised almost entirely of dark matter. Galaxy located in the constellation coma Berenices. The study about it was published in the scientific publication Astrophysical Journal Letters, reports The Independent.

Scientists say that the galaxy Dragonfly 44 is reminiscent of the milky Way, but in a different number of stars and structure. Astronomers have determined that 99.99 percent of its components are dark matter, which it is very dim.

Opening managed to do with the powerful telescopes of the Keck Observatory and the Gemini telescope Observatory, located in the United States.

Hubble revealed “wool” galaxy

Dragonfly 44 is located at 330 million light-years from Earth, the nearest cluster of galaxies called the Coma.

According to experts, its approximate mass is 1 trillion solar masses. Overall, the galaxy has a billion stars – it is 0.01 percent, and the rest of it is invisible to astronomers.

According to lead study author Peter van Dokuma, this galaxy is a boon for those professionals who study dark matter.

Earlier it was reported that the Hubble telescope has captured two galaxies merge into one.