Scientists found an unknown “alien” creatures

Ученые нашли неизвестных "инопланетных" существ

Found unknown to science beings

Organisms are able to survive in extreme conditions, and could exist on other planets.

At the University of Toronto, the specialists have found a previously unknown to science beings. About it reports The Independent.

Scientists have discovered single-celled microorganisms living in the waters of the canadian mine Kidd. To survive in such conditions, protozoa absorb chemicals that are formed during the interaction of water with rocks.

In particular in the mine contains pyrite – iron disulfide, which supports the activity of microorganisms in the absence of sunlight and oxygen.

This allows the bacteria to live in isolated underground reservoirs. Due to the small amount of energy that can get creatures, they have greatly slowed metabolism. This allows them to survive for thousands of years without any change.

Scientists say the finding may help to know how life originated on Earth and to detect potentially habitable planet.

Before scientists have uncovered the ancient mystery of the origin of life. It was also reported that the fishermen caught a strange creature “of horror.”

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