Scientists found in Chile, the traces of a global catastrophe

Ученые нашли в Чили следы глобальной катастрофы

Raining giant pieces of the comet struck the Earth

It happened about 12,800 years ago. The cause of the cataclysm was raining giant pieces of the comet.

Geologists at the University of California found in Chile, traces of extremely powerful cosmic catastrophe. Scientists claim that these destructive events 12,800 years ago in the late Pleistocene. This writes

According to the study, a comet crashed into the Earth causing dramatic climate change that led to the extinction of fauna and reduce the number of people.

Experts have established that the comet has caused an abrupt climate change, accompanied by rapid cooling in the Northern hemisphere on the background of the General global trend of natural warming and the melting of the ice cover.

The crater found under the ice shield of Greenland with a width of 31 km was one of the many fragments of the comet.

In addition, the Chilean Pelayo was made other finds – some of the layers abruptly disappeared tracks, regional vegetation, and the representatives of the megafauna either declined in numbers or disappeared altogether. It happened also about 13 thousand years ago, and scientists can’t call it a coincidence.

Also during the excavations was discovered a specific frozen rock, which is melted due to high temperature exposure due to cosmic catastrophe. In these layers was discovered peak concentrations of platinum, gold, and other elements that are rare in nature.

The ancient Apocalypse also confirms mikrougol ‘ and signs of burning in the pollen samples that were collected in the shock layer.

All this indicates that about 13 thousand years ago the Earth was subjected to a powerful rain of giant comet fragments. This led to a global catastrophe, the recurrence of which scientists do not exclude.

Earlier it was reported that scientists tracked the moving water molecules on the moon’s surface.

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