Scientists found out that men excite women

Ученые узнали, какие мужчины возбуждают женщин

Sexual desire in women more flexible than men and may depend on the set of genes.

Psychologists from America found that the attractiveness of a man is not the primary factor for the initiation of women. This writes the magazine Psyсhology Today.

A man may have a pleasant appearance and a tight wallet, but that doesn’t necessarily make a woman feel to it sexual attraction.

The greatest influence on the emergence of this sense are genes of the histocompatibility. Scientists believe that such a mechanism evolved in women in the course of evolution. For the extension of a kind woman looking for a partner with a stable immune genes. The majority of women with such genes, do not possess.

This mechanism works in the body woman who is looking for a “male” for the birth of the child. After that it hormonal changes, and she may lose sexual attraction to the partner.

Before scientists figured out which people tend to change Earlier a Correspondent wrote that the sex robots are able to improve married life

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