Scientists from Canada made objects invisible

Ученые из Канады сделали объекты невидимыми

Canadian scientists have created invisible material

The instrument with which it was done is the first step towards creating a cloak of darkness.

Scientists from the canadian National research Institute have created a device that gives the objects of broadband invisibility. As reported by Naked science, according to the researchers, this device is the first step towards creating a cloak of darkness.

The difference of new invention from all others in that it produces a reversible redistribution of colors. Mechanism of action the researchers explained on the example of an object that transmits a green light. Under normal circumstances the detector would catch the colors, but in the case of a new device that is not happening.

When the entire spectrum of light hits the device, it selects a single color, in this case green, and disguises it to others, such as blue. The light passes through the object, and then the second part converts the spectrum to the original, which makes the object invisible.

“We made a breakthrough in the field of camouflage has made the object completely invisible under realistic broadband light. Light wave passed through the object without any visible distortion, as if it was not,” said one of the researchers, Jose Azan.

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