Scientists from St. Petersburg grow meat in a test tube

Ученые из Санкт-Петербурга выращивают мясо в пробирке

In Russia have created artificial meat

Experts of the ITMO University are working to create cultured animal protein.

Scientists from St. Petersburg have created artificial meat, according to Izvestia.

It is noted that the direction of research grew out of work on the creation of artificial organs needed for transplantation.

Participants in the study emphasize that on the background of the threat of food crisis due to global population growth the production of artificial meat will help to prevent food shortages.

Under the artificial or cultivated mean the product is grown in the form of cells, which was never a part of the animal. Such meat does not include the use of genetic engineering techniques.

Its production process consists of gaining muscle animal cells and applying a protein that allows the cells to divide, creating large chunks of flesh.

According to experts, raw material of animals is necessary only once, after which the cells are “cultured” themselves.

Experts point out that the mass production of artificial meat is still far away and currently experimentally possible to grow only a small amount. Also, the key issue remains the risks that the product poses to human health.

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