Scientists gave advice on how to stop being a night owl

Ученые дали советы, как перестать быть "совой"

Scientists conducted an experiment in “turning the owls into larks”

Method also helps to reduce the incidence, stabilize your mood and feel better.

A group of scientists from Britain and Australia told how to change your biorhythm and to stop being a night owl. It is reported by the Sleep Medicine.

Experts gave recommendations milking people who used to stay up late and Wake up early. To do this, they conducted an experiment with 22 volunteers over 21 days woke up two or three hours earlier than usual.

After that, the members of the group for Breakfast, lunch and dinner scheduled every day. The last meal was before seven o’clock.

It is reported that all the volunteers noticed an improvement of cerebral and physical activity in the morning and PI performance has shifted to the day instead of evening.

Also, the participants of the experiment reported a decrease in stress and depression. Scientists also noted that this change of mode helps to reduce morbidity and sudden jumps in mood.

Yesterday it was reported that sleep with the lights on affects weight women. It was also reported that scientists have found a way to lower blood pressure.

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