Scientists: Glass of beer a day reduces the risk of stroke

Ученые: Бокал пива в день снижает риск инсульта

A glass of beer a day can reduce the risk of stroke

More than 3.4 litres per week, the scientists use is not recommended.

A glass of beer a day may reduce the risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease, found researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. On opening they said at the meeting of the American heart Association.

The study involved 80 thousand people. It was found that the natural decrease in the body the amount of high density lipoprotein (HDL, “good” cholesterol), protects the blood vessels from blood clots, you can slow down the intake of moderate doses of alcohol.

According to the study, one to two servings of alcohol per day for men or one for women was associated with a slower decline in HDL than in total abstinence from alcohol or abusing them.

Study participants drank as beer, and spirits. But the most pronounced effect was just from the beer. More than 3.4 litres per week, the researchers use is not recommended.

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