Scientists grow frog legs amputated

Ученые отрастили лягушкам ампутированные лапы

Severed limbs completely restored to the bone tissue, nerves and blood vessels.

American tufts University scientists have managed to “force” frogs to grow new legs. This was reported in the journal Cell Reports.

Amputated limbs were restored with the help of hormones. Experts conducted an experiment on nine species of amphibians, who have removed the limbs. For the study chose frogs because many amphibians have a mechanism to regenerate limbs.

Nine smooth spacewith frogs amputated legs and placed them in a bioreactor with a gel containing the hormone progesterone. The animals got a day later, after which their limbs had grown for nine months.

Bone, nerve and muscle tissue fully recovered, also “branch” of the vessels. Under the influence of hormones were not able to form only the foot.

Previously, scientists from the American University, Johns Hopkins artificially grown human retina. Specialists from St. Petersburg managed to grow meat in vitro.

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