Scientists have admitted the existence of life on oceanic planets

Ученые допустили наличие жизни на океанических планетах

Proved the possibility of life on oceanic planets

The team’s modeling found that completely covered the ocean of a planet can still be habitable.

A group of scientists at the University of Chicago conducted a study and refuted the hypothesis about the impossibility of life on planets that are completely covered by ocean. This writes

Until now it was assumed that oceanic planets are lifeless, because they do not have characteristic of the Earth’s geochemical cycles necessary for the survival of organisms.

These geohimicheskie cycles maintain the balance between volcanic emissions and fixation of atmospheric gases rocks.

However, due to the modeling of several scenarios of changes of temperature and chemical composition of the oceans, scientists have found that these cycles are not always necessary for the existence of life.

So, we found out that many water worlds initially support the favourable and stable conditions for life. Enough pressure which is having the ocean in the earth’s crust, resulting in hampered the exchange of substances between the mantle and the hydrosphere.

In General, the presence of life on oceanic planets will depend more on the distribution of carbon and other substances between water shell, atmosphere and crust.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found the increasing depth of the oceans. It was impossible to determine due to the data from the satellite.

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