Scientists have advised parents not to lie to children about Santa Claus

Ученые посоветовали родителям не врать детям о Санта Клаусе

The truth about Santa Claus can injure children

Lie about the existence of a Christmas magician can be devastating for children.

American psychologists advised parents not to hide from children the truth that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

According to the study, which is published in Lancet Psychiatry, a lie about the existence of Santa Claus can be devastating for children as one of its motivations is the desire of the parents believe in it and thus to return to childhood.

When children learn about an invention, the researchers believe it puts children in a difficult moral situation.

Meanwhile, according to psychologists, to trick the children sometimes makes sense. For example, when a beloved pet dies, it makes more sense to say that a cat or a dog caught in a “special place” than to talk about death.

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