Scientists have captured the birth of a new planet

Ученые впервые запечатлели рождение новой планеты

The planet is in the process of its formation

The formed planets were made using the Very Large Telescope (“Very large telescope”).

The staff of the European southern Observatory for the first time captured the planet in the process of its formation. The picture was taken with the Very Large Telescope (“Very large telescope”). This writes EurekAlert.

It is reported that the celestial body is 370 light years from Earth, the star PDS 70 in Centaurus. The distance between the planet and its star is similar to that between the Sun and Uranus.

On the planet scientists say that it is a gas giant, which by its mass exceeds Jupiter. The surface temperature of the planet is 1,000 degrees Celsius.

“This is very important because people have long wondered how the shape of the planet, and now we can directly observe it,” said study leader Miriam Keppler.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered a star system, where three earth-like planets.

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