Scientists have created a prototype quantum money

Ученые создали прототип квантовых денег

Physicists have created a prototype quantum money

Up that kind of money is impossible without the consent of the owner.

Physicists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Japan and the United States have demonstrated a prototype optical quantum they created money. Devoted to the study of the Preprint, the authors published on the website

Physicists have managed to experimentally demonstrate the capabilities they have created a prototype quantum money. The model bill has been encoded by the polarization States of single photons, so that its unauthorized reproduction (copying or, in other words, cloning) unauthorized person is not possible without the consent of the owner.

In their study, the researchers demonstrated the implementation of security conditions for quantum money. Bill in the approach of scientists is modeled by an object containing a sequence of qubits (quantum bits), kodirovich the serial number of the banknote (in line with the idea proposed in 1970 by the American-Israeli physicist Stephen Vigneron).

Unlike classical bits, qubits variable can take not only two values zero and one, but any more defined by the superposition of the base States (zero and one).

Quantum money involves a high degree of fraud protection, since persons unknown quantum information cannot be completely copied. It is used in quantum cryptography, in particular, the prospect of creating quantum money.

Previously, scientists have found a way actually to instantly teleport information about the properties of matter at small distances in quantum and ordinary level.

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