Scientists have created a rocket with infinite fuel generation

Ученые создали ракету с бесконечной генерацией топлива

The spacecraft has “infinite engine”

The machine can extract water from asteroids and comets, using it later as fuel.

A group of scientists from the University of Central Florida in cooperation with specialists of the company Honeybee Robotics has developed a prototype of a spaceship called the World Is Not Enough (WINE). The device is able to extract water from asteroids and comets, using it as fuel. This writes

Theoretically, flying from one asteroid to another, the machine can be fed indefinitely. Tests of the device were held December 31. Scientists have created a soil that is similar to the surface of small space objects.

WINE not only managed to get water, but also turned it into rocket fuel, which gave him the energy to make a push from the planet’s surface.

The technology experts believe promising in the study of the moon, Ceres, Europa (satellite of Jupiter), Titan (moon of Saturn) and Pluto.

Earlier it was reported that in the network appeared the panoramic pictures taken from the back side of the moon.

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