Scientists have described a useful dose of coffee

Ученые назвали полезную дозу кофе

A day is enough to drink two cups of coffee

The researchers said that two cups of the drink is sufficient to enhance physical performance.

A group of American and Australian scientists have established the optimal dose of coffee per day. It turned out that two cups is sufficient to enhance the physical health of the person. This writes the

In the study, scientists reviewed 300 scientific papers involving 4,8 thousand people.

In the end it turned out that caffeine improves sports training. This is because it acts on the adenosine receptors. The last contact with the adenosine, which acts as a chemical signal responsible for the feeling of fatigue. Caffeine competes with adenosine, in the end, causing the opposite effect.

Found that one Cup contains 95-165 milligrams of caffeine. But improvements can be achieved at a dose of 3-6 milligrams per kilogram, and this is 210-420 for a person whose weight is 70 kilograms. This is tantamount to drinking two cups of coffee.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found an unexpected benefit of salt, which promotes the breakdown of fat in the human body.

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