Scientists have described the origin of the builders of Stonehenge

Ученые назвали происхождение строителей Стоунхенджа

We learned the origin of the builders of Stonehenge

The stones of the monument were brought from West Wales. Scientists decided to find out whether it is a home builders themselves.

A group of scientists at the free University of Brussels in Belgium examined the human remains, which were buried in the Aubrey holes. These holes are part of Stonehenge. In the end it turned out that some of the people buried there lived in another part of the British Isles, and their remains were later brought back for burial in the mound. About it writes Nature.

Experts came to the conclusion that part of the buried people were originally from West Wales, where she was brought, and stones for the monument.

It is known that Stonehenge, built 4-5 thousand years ago, was one of the largest Neolithic cemeteries in Britain. Were discovered in it the remains of at least 83 people.

Scientists have studied the remains of 25 people buried there. To establish the origin was made possible by measuring the ratio of strontium isotopes in cremated remains. This allows the human diet in the last years of his life.

In the end it turned out that 15 people were locals at the time as 10 others arrived from the Western part of the island, presumably from the West of Wales.

We also found out that some people were probably cremated in West Wales, after which their remains were transported for burial.

Earlier it was reported that in Ireland by a drone managed to find a “new Stonehenge”.

It was also reported that experts found the origin of the giant boulders of Stonehenge.

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