Scientists have developed a vaccine against cancer

Ученые разработали вакцину против рака

Scientists have developed a unique vaccine against cancer

The vaccine, created from their own white blood cells of patients showed a positive result against an aggressive type of cancer of the ovary and intestines.

American scientists have developed a drug that showed positive results against aggressive type of ovarian cancer and intestines, according to ScinceDaily.

It is noted that 6 of the 11 patients who were undergoing treatment, have positive clinical changes. In one patient with ovarian cancer tumor growth stopped at 89 weeks, another patient with bowel cancer was observed a partial response to therapy, which lasted 16 weeks.

New vaccines are created based on the leukocytes of patients who converted in the laboratory into dendritic cells. Received a vaccine administered subcutaneously to patients and newly formed dendritic cells “familiar” with the antigens of cancer cells, causing the lymphocytes begin to attack the cancer.

Of side effects scientists say just irritation of the skin at the injection site.

However, vaccines are only HER2-positive cancers. In the future it is planned to gradually increase the dose of vaccine and further testing.

Earlier it was reported that scientists found a combination of drugs against melanoma.


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