Scientists have discovered a gene”zombie” that protect against cancer

Ученые обнаружили ген-"зомби", защищающий от рака

Experts have found that “unnecessary” gene in elephants is able to prevent the development of cancer cells.

Scientists from Chicago have identified pseudogene LIF6 elephants is not useless. It can eliminate the affected cells of the body, preventing development of cancer. It is reported

Previously, scientists believed the gene LIF6 non-functional “zombie”-gene. But it turned out that he is able to “come alive” and be responsible for encoding the protein, destroying the mitochondria.

Despite the fact that elephants have a number of cells much more than in humans, the incidence of cancer among them, only five percent of how people 17%.

Do elephants have eight LIF genes, but only LIF6 using a different p53 gene can become functional.

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