Scientists have discovered a new property of stress

Ученые обнаружили новое свойство стресса

Stress has positive properties

Stress helps people to better perceive important information in dangerous situations.

Researchers from University College London concluded that in stressful situations people learn better to negative information than when it is at rest. It is reported by the Journal of Neuroscience.

It is noted that the experiment was attended by 35 people. They were divided into two groups, the first of which proposed to solve six math problems for half a minute, and then to make a report on a previously unknown topic.

A second group, this time to fulfill simple writing exercises.

After that, the study participants had to recall a difficult situation from your life and evaluate them.

In the result, it was found that stress affects critical thinking − relaxed people are better able to absorb positive information, while those who are under stress, on the contrary, learn with a negative connotation of the information that they are in real life is neglected.

The second phase of the study was conducted in Colorado with the participation of 28 firefighters. All volunteers were given the same task. As a result, scientists confirmed their findings.

The authors stress that stressful situation corrects optimistic cognitive bias, where people overestimate their successes relative to others and underestimate the risks. Thus, stress can help people better perceive important information for them in a dangerous situation.

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Earlier it was reported that stress and depression accelerate aging and reduce life expectancy.

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