Scientists have discovered a new useful feature eggs

Ученые обнаружили новое полезное свойство яиц

Scientists have identified the benefits of eggs for the child’s body

Their use affects the growth of young children.

A group of American scientists installed a new useful property, which have eggs. According to experts, their use promotes the growth of young children, and reduces their developmental delay, as reported on the website of Washington University in St. Louis.

Experts have established that the average egg is able to improve to 1.47 times in comparison with that result obtained, if we exclude this product from the diet.

Statements of scientists based on a randomized controlled study, which was attended by the children of Ecuador at the age of six to nine months.

The children were divided into two groups – one of them the participants ate one egg per day and consume less sweetened beverages, in other – Vice versa.

The result was that eggs are an affordable source of many nutrients that are necessary for a growing organism of the child.

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