Scientists have discovered an unprecedented cosmic catastrophe

Ученые обнаружили невиданную космическую катастрофу

Binary systems that include black hole and neutron star

Discovered the source of the gravitational waves, which is an absorbed neutron star black hole.

The LIGO group of researchers announced the possible discovery of the first ever observations of a source of gravitational waves GCN25324, which is a system of black hole and neutron star. About it writes Science Alert.

According to scientists, a black hole ripped a neutron star, after which absorbed its substance.

This event was recorded on 14 August. In April of this year, despite a weak signal, was recorded rapprochement between the two objects.

The clash, according to experts, has occurred at a distance of 900 million light years from Earth.

Earlier it was reported that the space telescope Hubble took spiral galaxy in almost perfect shape.

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