Scientists have discovered how dinosaurs appeared beak

Ученые выяснили, как у динозавров появился клюв

Birds and lizards have lost teeth and gained a beak due to the transition to the new diet.

In the East of China paleontologists have discovered an unusual dinosaur that reveal the history of the appearance of the beak of the ancient reptiles and the ancestors of birds, according to a paper published in the journal PNAS.

It is noted that in the entire history of the planet dinosaurs and their relatives lost teeth and gained a beak or similar structure at least seven times, however, there is no generally accepted ideas about how it happened in the course of evolution.

The part of paleontologists believed that the bill appeared for dietary reasons – he helped the lizards and the future birds it is better to grind solid food, and stabilized their skull while trying to capture the prey. Other scientists do not support this hypothesis and consider that the bill appeared to facilitate weight and body adaptations to flight.

Chinese paleontologists have approached the answer to this question, comparing the body of an ancient bird-kupeornis (Sapeornis), found in Eastern China recently, and several bipedal dinosaur of oviraptor, possessing a powerful beak and lived on the territory of the PRC and Uzbekistan.

Scientists drew attention to the unusual structure of the jaw of operator kind Caenagnathasia whose remains were found in the Kyzyl Kum desert about 20 years ago. Educate them with the help of MRI scanner, they found at the base of the beak of this lizard special grooves and holes, inside of which formed rudimentary teeth.

Having made this discovery, the scientists checked whether any “holes” in the jaws of supernice. It turned out that they are present in the beak of an ancient bird that pointed to a possible mechanism for the loss of teeth the ancestors of birds and “cleworth” dinosaurs.

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Based on the findings, the experts concluded that the ancestors of birds and lizards got rid of the teeth is not right – originally they had young individuals who they then gradually fell out as they Mature and transition to the new diet.

Then the teeth started to disappear even before the birth of Chicks and calves, and all this, say scientists, indicates that birds and lizards have lost teeth and gained a beak for gastronomic reasons for the transition to a new diet and new ecological niches. The gradual abandonment of the teeth helped them survive this transition and adapt to a new life.

Earlier it was reported that it is impossible to resurrect the dinosaurs by remains found in their bone protein.

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