Scientists have discovered how mosquitoes choose victims for a bite

Ученые выяснили, как комары выбирают "жертв" для укуса

It became known as mosquitoes find victims

Mosquitoes begin to choose “target” from a distance of fifty meters, focusing on the trace of carbon dioxide.

Mosquitoes find victims at the chemical trail of carbon dioxide. This was stated by the entomologist Youp van Loon from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, reports Live Science.

According to him, the mosquitoes are beginning to focus on the trace of carbon dioxide, flying against the wind. This allows them to find the “target” from a distance of up to 50 meters.

In close quarters, the mosquitoes take into account the many factors that vary from person to person, including skin temperature, presence of fumes and emissions. However, the most important factor are chemical compounds formed by microbes living on the skin.

Microbes produce compounds of more than 300 different components. Its composition depends on the environment and the genetic structure of man.

For example, men with a wide variety of skin germs getting less mosquito bites than men with less diverse skin bacteria.

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