Scientists have discovered how the brain controls movement

Ученые выяснили, как мозг контролирует движения

Experts determined which cells are responsible for body movement

There are two types of cells, some of which are active, at the time, as others do.

A group of scientists from the medical Institute of Howard Hughes and Allen Institute has conducted research in the area of neurons to identify those that are responsible for movement. In the end, it was found that some cells planning activity, while other do it. This writes the journal Nature.

Scientists made a map of the selected structure of the brain, tracking the path of the neurons. At the same time, other researchers worked on the definition of gene expression in each cell region. When this technology was used for the mononuclear RNA sequencing to analyze the molecular composition.

Special attention was paid to the neocortex – the structure that controls cognitive function.

In the end of the study, the researchers were able to identify which of the genes included in each cell. Also identified 133 clusters of cells with a common transcriptome.

In addition, there were two groups of neurons in ALM that far exceed the other cells in size and beyond the area of the brain. One group is connected with the barrel and the other to the thalamus, a Central switchboard in the brain.

In the course of experiments on mice, scientists have determined the functions of both groups of cells: one to the thalamus, planned movement, and others joined the brain stem causing the movement.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found the destructive influence of space on the human brain. Particularly harmful to humans long stay in space 6 months or longer.

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