Scientists have discovered that laziness helped to survive in the evolution process

Ученые выяснили, что лень помогала выживать в процессе эволюции

The researchers studied the metabolic rate of the clams and made conclusions about the survival of the species

For example, extinct and modern mollusks were able to establish that the slower the metabolism, the more chances exist for a long time.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the biggest winners in the evolutionary race may not be the fittest, and the most “lazy” animals and plants, characterized by extremely low metabolic rate. To such conclusion came evolucionista, published an article in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

“We compared the metabolic rate of modern molluscs and their relatives that became extinct in the last five million years. It turned out that the extinct invertebrates, on average, had faster metabolism than those species that exist today,” says Luke, Strotz from the University of Kansas in the United States.

Conducting the study, Strotz and his colleagues took advantage of the fact that the structure of the shells of many species of bivalves and gastropods cousins directly reflects how fast is their body.

Collecting shells three hundred types of existing and fossil mollusks that lived on the shores of the Atlantic in the last five million years, scientists calculated the speed of metabolism in their body and compared them with each other.

As it turned out, the “active lifestyle” negatively affects how long there was these types of invertebrates than faster metabolic rate was, the shorter was their evolutionary life. This was particularly evident in closed and crowded ecosystem where it was quite difficult to escape and to spread to other areas.

In the near future, scientists plan to test whether a similar pattern among other species of flora and fauna, including vertebrates living in the seas and on land.

“It seems that evolution promotes survival of the most leisurely and apathetic beings – the slower your metabolism is, the more chances that your views will last a long time. I think we need to change the slogan – not the best adapted survive, and the lazy,” concludes Bruce Lieberman from the University of Oxford in Britain.

Previously, scientists said that laziness indicates a high level of IQ.

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