Scientists have discovered the hottest planet

Ученые обнаружили самую горячую планету

Found a hot planet

The temperature of its atmosphere is about 4327 degrees Celsius.

An international group of scientists has discovered an exoplanet, which is today recognized as the hottest. Information about the discovery was published in the journal Nature.

In the text of the study indicated that the temperature of the atmosphere of a hot Jupiter KELT-9b (HD 195689 b) reaches 4.6 thousand K (4327 ° C). However, this is only on the side which directly faces to the sun of the planet.

It is also reported that the planet revolves around the parent star KELT-9 (HD 195689) with a period of 1.48 days, while the distance between the celestial body and star is only 0.03 astronomical units.

Scientists say that the mass of the planet 2.88 times the mass of Jupiter. And the volume is 6.75 times.

As for the lights exoplanets, it is 13.14 times greater than the Sun and 2.5 times heavier than him. Its surface temperature greater than the sun – it reaches 10.17 thousand Kelvin, at that time, as the Sun is 5.8.

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