Scientists have discovered why babies kick in the womb

Ученые выяснили, почему дети пинаются в утробе матери

Children kick and move in the womb, to understand where the boundary lies between their body and the rest of the world.

Scientists from University College London believe that children in the womb kick from inside the womb, knowing the boundaries of my body. A study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The specialists watched the movements of 19 infants born to 31-42 weeks of gestation, and performance of their brain in REM sleep. Every time the baby moved hand or foot, activated the corresponding hemisphere of the brain. The younger the child was, the more worked brain. The most dramatic change was observed in premature babies who had to be in the womb.

Scientists believe that the movement of the hands and feet of the fetus in the last trimester of pregnancy contribute to the growth of parts of the brain associated with sensory perception, as well as a sense of the limits of my own body.

The researchers believe that based on these data it is possible to create an optimal environment for the development of infants, especially premature. They also noted that movements are carried out mainly during sleep, and thus it should not be interrupted for medical procedures and for other purposes.

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