Scientists have established that when you die the Sun

Ученые установили, когда умрет Солнце

The sun will last another 4.5 billion years

In approximately 4.5 billion years the sun will become a red giant and will expand to the orbit of Venus.

Scientists have named the approximate date of the death of the Sun. According to experts, it will turn off in approximately 4.5 billion years. Then it will turn into a red giant. About it write RIA Novosti.

Becoming a red giant, it will expand to the orbit of Venus, and will absorb a number of the planets, including the Earth.

Later, the celestial body will begin to cool and transformirovalsya in a dead white dwarf with a radius of approximately 10 kilometers.

The density of a white dwarf is so high that it cannot be compared with the metal. Around it will spin the remains of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Earlier it was reported that NASA has received the first data after the rendezvous with the Sun probe Parker. The device should “touch” the star in the course of his mission.

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