Scientists have figured out how dangerous a lack of vitamin B12

Ученые выяснили, чем опасна нехватка витамина B12

Lack of B12 in the body leads to the development of chronic fatigue, anemia, and schizophrenia.

Scientists from Rician University in Houston (USA) called the main effects of lack of vitamin B12 in the body, according to PLoS Genetics.

The researchers used worms-nematodes for studying how diet affects animals.

In the experiment, it was unexpectedly discovered that foods high in vitamin B12 dramatically increases resistance of worms to stress factors and pathogens. The lack of vitamin, on the contrary, weakened the immune system and led to the accumulation of toxic breakdown products of certain amino acids.

According to scientists, lack of B12 also leads to development of chronic fatigue, anemia, and schizophrenia, and the excess can accelerate the accumulation of mutations in DNA.

Earlier, scientists discovered a new property of vitamin D. in addition, it was found the vitamin that prevents ageing.

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