Scientists have figured out why socks disappear

Ученые выяснили, почему пропадают носки

British scientists have deduced the formula of the disappearance of socks

The researchers were able to calculate the “index of loss of socks”.

A group of British scientists have studied the problem of the disappearance of socks in the wash and were able to bring “the index of the loss of socks” reports the daily Mirror.

The study, sponsored by Samsung, and did the psychologist Simon Moore and statistician Geoff Ellis. They were able to derive the formula for predicting the probability of loss of these small items of clothing: (L(p x f)+C(t x s))-(P x A).

In the “index of the loss of socks” taken into account the following parameters: L – the number of wash clothes; p – the number of people living in one house; the number of washes per week; C – full Laundry; t – the number of types of Laundry per week; s – the number of socks washed per week; P – the degree of positivity of attitude in regard to washing, measured from 1 to 5; a is the level of attention to washing.

The Briton wears some socks 25 years

Scientists estimate that the average resident of the UK lose up to 15 socks a year, and the total damage to the economy of the country is about two billion pounds.

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